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Monica - petite brunette

I am pleased to have this brief opportunity to introduce myself. I am an optimistic and classy woman that has the ability to quickly understand the needs of others. As a professional real estate agent it is important for me to listen to the needs of my clients and to quickly determine how I can help them. While my professional career consumes much of my time, I still enjoy several hobbies which, among other things, includes meeting interesting men :-).

If you are familiar with central Europe, you are aware that the Czech Republic is a land-locked country... we have no oceans or large seas along our borders. Our lack of beaches makes it necessary for me to travel to warmer climates where I can enjoy a variety of water sports (i.e., snorkeling, jet skiis and, although I still need to learn, scuba diving). However, if the mountains are more to your liking, we can always put on our sweaters and go hiking or snow skiing. Admittedly, I am only an average skier but you would consider me more than average when we return to our chalet. In either case, we would have a great time!

As for my other hobbies, I enjoy aerobics, cycling, exercising, visiting old castles, concerts of popular music, exhibitions of artistic photos and, like a real woman, I like also fashion. I also enjoy thai massages which are excellent for relaxing (Do you want to join me?).

I am a non-smoker. My favourite cuisine is Japanese or Thai combined with sparkling wine... I own the US visa so I can visit you in the USA or anywhere in Europe and in some countries of Asia and Africa.

Monica may have the look of the sweet-tempered „girl next door“, but do not be fooled; her innocent appearance if just a facade... in private she is a real dynamo. She is also a great communicator which will allow you to become great friend very quickly. These attributes will guarantee that you will have a good time with her. It is because of her obvious qualification that I can recommend her for short and longer encounters.

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