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Sydney - busty brunette

Dear Gentlemen, I am an ambitious young lady who always enjoys learning something new. I just graduated from the University with a degree in sociology, but I realize that this degree is not enough to provide all I want for my future life. There are so many interesting things in the world about which I want to know more! So probably I will continue my education, in which field, I don’t yet know.

I would love to discuss many topics with you. I am a good listener, because your opinions and outlook on life are interesting to me. While I look calm and romantic, I can surprise you with my passion and temperament. I like fashion (and of course shopping) and I do my best to be always graceful and sexy. It is exciting for me to see that I attract men. Intelligent men with a charm and good sense of humour attract me!

I do like to travel. Palm trees, sunsets, drinks on the beach....these words sounds so fantastic to me! My dream is to visit some exotic country as well as some big cities of the world like New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Moscow, Dubai...

If not cities, then why not meet in the mountains? I like skiing and I would be happy to join you on the slopes, and afterward for hot drinks.

Or do you prefer some summer sport? I play volleyball, tennis and I just started learning golf and I am really keen on this sport. I am a beginner but I am sure that in a few days with a good coach (you?) I would improve a lot.

When we eat dinner, let’s try Japanese sushi. My favourite drink is red wine, but we can start with champagne or cocktails if you wish.

I am a non-smoker.

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